Lash Line Enhancement & Eyeliner

These eyeliner techniques are are ideal for clients who tend to wear pencil or liquid liner,and would like to save time in the morning on their daily routine! Imagine Eyeliner that will never smudge, run, or give you darken under eyes. You will always have a beautiful shape and definition that is professional drawn. This can be applied on the top or bottom.


What is a Lash Line enhancement?

A thin liner that sits at the root of the lashes and gives the illusion of a fuller lash line. When the eye is closed, this you can not see the liner. Meant to be a subtle liner look, it give just enough boldness to the base where most feel eyeliner is not needed.

What is classic eyeliner?

A bolder liner look designed specifically to you! This can start at the root of lash line, or start above your lash line. You can see the liner when the eye is closed and open. Classic liner can also be designed into bolder looks such as a winged cat eye or shadow liner.

Retouch & Healing

Service time : Between 1.5 - 2.5 hours depending on design

Pain level : Minimal to No pain

Heal time : 2 weeks to heal, color fully comes in at 4-5 weeks

Retouch Needed? Yes, a retouch is recommended for longer lasting results. This can be done as early as 2 weeks. Once you’ve had the retouch results are expected to lash up to 2-3 years.

Lash Extensions with My Liner

To perform a top liner procedure you cannot have any eyelash extensions on at the start of the service. They need to be removed prior to the day of service. It is not recommended to have the reapplied until after liner is fully healed. For bottom liner; although it is not preferred; lash extensions can be left on.

Lash Lift with my Liner

Lash lift can either be performed as close as a day prior to liner services or after the liner is healed. The perming solution used does not effect or touch the skin then the liner would go. However, we do not recommend getting these services done on the same day.

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