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Inspired by Beauty

Faux Real Beauty gives women the confidence to wake up looking as beautiful as they did when they went to sleep; I woke up like this is not just a saying around these parts. The word Faux {Fō} itself means 'artificial; made in imitation of '. Our brand represents a simplified beauty without appearing unnatural; which is something that everyday beauty has drifted from. Luckily, our brand was created to bring beauty back to the basics. Our weightless products were designed to not only to give you a natural look, but also a natural feel. Thus, Faux Real beauty was born!


The initial feedback I was getting from clients when I started doing eyelash extensions was the reason I started Faux Real Beauty. Clients were genuinely happy with the complete look; I was satisfied knowing that I could make a difference in their confidence. And that’s how my vision manifested; and it was more than just eyelash extensions. I want every client that leaves out of my place of business to feel confident and beautiful and that is something myself and my colleagues strive for with the placement of each eyelash!


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