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If you're looking for a beautifully custom and realistic brows; that never smudge or budge, then look no further then our Luxury Nano Brows!

This technique replaces the old Microblading method, and promises longer lasting, and less painful results. Our custom brows combines Hairstrokes and a bit of shading to create hyperrealistic results.

Get a free phone consultation and price quote to see if

Nano brows are right for you!


Wake up every morning and go to sleep at night with brows that make you feel

beautiful and confident! 

    The initial Full Set of extensions take between 2 - 2.5 Hours. After which the client would return every 2 - 4 weeks to maintain the lashes. After 4 week, if the client has less than 20% of extensions left the client must schedule for a new full set.
    + Absolutely no sleeping on your face. Extension will get rub against the pillow case a pull out not only your extensions nut your natural lash as well. + Do Not Tint or Perm Extensions + Do Not use an eyelash curler on Extensions + Do Not Rub eyes/Lashes when washing your face. Wash around them. + Do Not Pull on your eyelashes. + Use of mascara is not encouraged; it will decrease the longevity of the extensions. + Do not use eyeliner; it will decrease the longevity of the extensions. + If you use bottom eyeliner it must be washed off at night or the makeup will transfer into the extensions and make then fall off prematurely. + Do not remove extensions yourself. You may cause damage to your lashes + Do Not cut or trim extensions + Clean Lashes with an Oil-Free Make-up Remover or Faux Real Lash Bath + Relash appointments should be done every 2-4 weeks. + Never Twist, Tug, or Pull on extensions + Refrain from using Q-Tips when cleaning off eye make-up. The loose cotton will catch onto your extensions and pull it out along with your natural Lash. Use A clean lint free applicator or a cleansing brush + Apply eye creams sparingly around the eye area
    Yes! All of our Stylist here are licensed by the Ohio State board of Cosmetology, and certified in eyelash extensions from our Founder; Wendy Quarles. Her intricate advanced training has guarantee result. All stylist provide clients with after care guidance on how to properly take care of their lashes. Lash Extensions done correctly cause no damage to the natural lashes.
    All adhesives are Formaldehyde - free. Most clients are not allergic to eyelash extension adhesives. True adhesive allergies are characterized by the following : Redness, itchiness, and swelling on Both Eyes. If client has a similar reaction but this has only happened on one eye, this means it is NOT cause of an allergy, but typically stylist error. For clients with sensitivities to adhesives we offer a few different options as an alternative to regular lash glues. For clients who have concerns about whether may be allergic to the adhesive, we offer a complimentary patch test. We would apply 5-7 short extensions to each eye using different adhesives on both sides. this way if you have a reaction it will be mild enough not to bother the client.
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